Our Story

Moonshot was founded with a vision to self-mine Bitcoin. However, during the due diligence process, the founders identified a gap in the industry for code-compliant data centers and electrical systems to support the emerging crypto industry. In response, Moonshot established two divisions: Moonshot Pods and Moonshot Electrical Controls.

On our very first order of (20) 800A panels with a one-week deadline, Moonshot faced a challenge as our subcontractor lacked sufficient labor. Determined not to fail, we hired certified electricians and wired the panels in the parking lot, successfully completed the project on time. 

Since then, Moonshot has made significant strides. We have established our own UL508A and UL891 Listed manufacturing shop in Texas, boasting over 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Additionally, we have developed industry leading ETL Listed PDUs, Mobile Datacenters and undertaken the design, construction, and construction management of datacenters.

With a dedicated team of world-class engineers and our go-getter mindset, we are driven in relentless pursuit of overcoming challenges. Our goal is to provide the industry with cutting-edge, code-compliant data centers and electrical systems while continuously pushing boundaries to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

At Moonshot, we are passionate about delivering exceptional solutions and driving innovation. We are determined to support our clients with top-quality products and services that meet and exceed their expectations. 

Moonshot making the impossible possible.